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Ali Akhtari

I'm a research assistant at Algorand Fintech Lab, a research unit dedicated to the economic analysis of digital transformation in financial services. I work as a quantitative developer at Agron Capital (Pesko family office) to build systematic, trend-following trading software infrastructure and algorithms. I'm an incoming engineering summer analyst at Goldman Sachs. I study Mathematical and Computing Sciences for Artificial Intelligence at Bocconi University.

I spend my free time writing. I used to write for Tarafdari as a sports columnist, where my works have been read roughly 5 million times. I co-founded Mr. Gamification blog (one of the most viewed gamification resources), and translated Gamification by Design, written by Cunningham and Zichermann, into Persian. I contributed to F1Iran, the largest motorsport journal in the middle east, and maintained a personal blog that received more than a quarter of a million views by early 2021.
These days, I usually write about markets, statistics, and algorithmic trading. My works have been published by top software development publications, including Hacker Noon, TealFeed, and Level Up Coding. Check out my latest articles at Medium and Hacker Noon.

I'm half Kurd, half Azeri. I am fascinated by ancient philosophies like Taoism and Stoicism. My personality type is ENTP. I bench 220.